Are you or your organisation looking for ways to help create a more sustainable and socially just world?

Would you like to discover how your particular skills can contribute to the social and economic change that is already underway?

What We Do

Each of us has something to offer to create a more just world for all. But even when you are passionate about creating change it is not always easy to know where to best put your energy and commitment.

We offer training, coaching and consultancy to help you discover what role your particular skills and gifts can play, how to generate support for your project and how to communicate your ideas 'beyond the usual suspects'. Some of our current projects:

Beautiful Economies

Beautiful Economies

Can economics be transformed? This series of talks and workshops proposes alternatives to the neo-liberal paradigm and explores emerging systems that express what we truly value.

Storytelling for Changemakers

Storytelling for Changemakers

It's time for a new story and new storytellers. We explore storytelling as a tool to catalyse change and show you how to communicate your ideas authentically and powerfully.

Creative Communities

Creative Communities

We recognise that good lives are based in community. We organise events that bring people together to celebrate, learn and harness their collective power.

Our Philosophy


In order to do grow good lives we believe it is important to focus on the stuff we have in abundance and which grows with use: human creativity and curiosity, the appreciation of beauty, the potential for co-operation, compassion and kindness, fierce love.

These qualities and experiences need to be liberated in service of an ecologically and socially just world. Our approach is grounded in social psychology, ecological economics and cultural practice with the Human Scale Development framework as its foundation.

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Inez Aponte


Inez Aponte

Inez is a facilitator, trainer and consultant in the Human Scale Development Approach, working with individuals and communities seeking to improve their quality of life in balance with the Earth’s ecology. With an arts and performance background she has been developing participatory learning processes since 1998 and has worked with organizations such as WWF, The British Council and The Soil Association. She is an accredited Trainer for the Transition Network, co-founded the Well & Good Project and works for Totnes-based Futurebound on their Leadership for Resiliency programme. She is also a member of the New Economics Organisers Network (NEON).

Combining boundless creative energy, a fresh approach to old problems and a passion for deep enquiry she has designed and delivered programmes to students from Danish Institute for Studies Abroad, London School of Economics, Lille Institute of Political Studies and Schumacher College, as well as activists working in the New Economy movement.
Inez works with a number of co-conspirators. You can read about them here

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We create spaces where people feel safe to give voice to their visions, where the creative, reflective and the practical rub shoulders, and connections are formed that may be the seed for future endeavour. We can design specific trainings and events to meet the needs of your group. If you have an idea for your community or organisation, no matter how unusual, please get in touch - we can help make it happen.




“Really enjoyed your talk. So good to hear coherent recognition of truths that many of us schlep around in our hearts as we try to live whole and honest lives in an alien system. Thank you!”

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