Beautiful Economies


brett davies


Presentations and workshops series


Transforming the dismal science - towards a new story of economics Can we transform the language of economics so that it speaks of what we truly value? - presentation with Q&A

Meeting our needs within the Earth's limits -  Introducing the Human Scale Development Approach and its uses as a tool for social and economic regeneration - interactive presentation

Money, Money, Money - interactive presentation on the social impacts of different forms of exchange

Wellbeing and the New Economy - 1 day workshop exploring HSD as a tool for awareness raising, diagnosis and design.

Beautiful Economies - How to liberate and harness our true wealth - 2 day workshop

A New Economy is on its way. People around the world are working together, sharing resources, questioning the prevailing paradigm and creating more sustainable systems. This intensive two day workshop is an opportunity to learn about these alternatives and discover what role you can play.

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