Graham Burgess

Graham is our resident philosopher. He can tell you all about green architecture (his book The Nature of Green Building was published in 2014) local politics (he was part of Independents for Frome) and his travels across Africa while building your camp’s communal kitchen and reciting poetry. A man of many talents, he lives in the Independent Republic of Frome, Somerset.

Florence Scialom

Florence puts the community in communications. She has worked for Frontline SMS and the Humanitarian Centre and is currently helping to coordinate online communications and community building for the Network of Wellbeing (NOW). She can tell you all about Degrowth, the Transition Movement and the best place to people watch (she is an anthropologist) in Rotterdam where she resides.

Mike Jones

Mike knows all about play. He is director of Devon-based Earth Wrights Ltd, which designs and builds natural play spaces, which call to our deep instinctive play needs. He is driven by a desire to connect children with the magic of play and the natural world. You can find him in his studio, exploring the woods around Dartington or listening intently to a child’s wildest fantasies.