Creative Communities




We recognise that good lives are based in community.

We organise events that bring people together to celebrate, learn and harness their collective power.


A Land Conference

In March 2015 we joined forces with community members to organise Devon's first Land Conference. We worked on the design and delivery of the day's programme to include speakers, storytelling, poetry, open space, an arts space and a choir finale. Our central question: How can we grow a proper relationship between people and place? You can read the report on our blog.

We organise Favourite Things, an evening of stories, poetry, song and merriment drawing on the hidden talents of community members and centred around a question or theme. Favourite Things can take place anywhere - from the comfort of your very own living room to a clearing in the woods - and serves to draw out the different talents of each individual to together create an evening that surprises, delights and forges deep connections.

We also design consultation events that inspire residents to get involved in designing aspects of their community. Please contact us to find out more.