Helping develop a ‘Culture of Wood’

Hillyfield is a 45 acre secluded valley within Dartmoor National Park with a remarkably rich diversity of environments. Woodland, Pasture, Lakes & the river Harbourne.

Their Aims:

-Develop & Implement a plan for truly sustainable farm & woodland management.

-Support and encourage ecologically diverse, rich, and varied environments.

-Involve the community in learning about and caring for the land.

-Bring people together in a positive active relationship with the land.

-Work closely with Dartmoor National Park, the Forestry Commission, and other partners including Universities & Colleges (Plymouth University, Bicton College, Schumacher & Dartington), Charities (Moor Trees, TCV, Woodland Trust), and local groups (Sustainable South Brent, Devon Rural Skills, Slapton FSC).

-Offer opportunities to learn sustainable holistic land management and traditional craft.

-Develop sustainable land-based business to provide quality produce for the local community including timber, charcoal, firewood, hay, and other products.

-Explore potential for green technology throughout all areas.

-Enjoy the land with annual camps and activities.

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