Storytelling for Changemakers

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“To speak a true word is to transform the world.”   Paulo Freire

An important part of what we do at Growing Good Lives is to examine the powerful narratives that inform our worldview. Holding these stories up to the light and testing their validity against our own real life experience is key to ‘breaking the spell’ they hold over our lives. But we cannot leave a vacuum. We must replace the old story with new narratives that will help us mobilize our potential.

Storytelling for changemakers - 2 day workshop

Whether you are someone who is exploring new narratives or already holds some of the new stories we need and want to learn how to tell them in a way that is powerful and authentic, this workshop is for you. It offers insights into the power of stories to shape our worldview as well the opportunity to develop your own storytelling skills. Through games and exercises you will learn:

     - How to develop presence and authenticity

     - How to tailor your message to different audiences

     - How to tease out the 'nuggets' in your story that can lead to action and transformation

     - How to shape your material so it holds the attention

We will also explore the wider implications and responsibilities that come with being the 'holder of a story'.

Individual storytelling coaching also available. Please contact us to find out more.

No previous performance/presentation experience necessary

Next workshop: 2/3 April 2016
Location: Lilith Evolution Centre, Colston Road, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0LP
Cost: £75/£50 concessions (numbers are limited so please book)