The Life Center

martin adams

“I want to live in a world where everyone has enough—
a world where those who have more give to those who have less.”

Martin Adams is a social innovator, systems thinker, and community organizer. As a child, it pained him to see most people struggling while a few were living in opulence. This inspired in him a lifelong quest to create a fair and sustainable world in collaboration with others.

“We demonstrate a deep understanding of the process of social change when we realize that it isn’t an idea alone that matters, but the practice of it, no matter how small the implementation of our idea may be at first. In other words, we are called to implement new models of land stewardship that render our existing model of land ownership obsolete.”

“And that is precisely what a group of friends — Logan and myself included — are now attempting to do here in Middletown, California: We recently acquired a commercial property in the heart of Middletown. Pending the formal blessing of the people of Middletown, the plan is to construct a two-story building over the next few years that will house the next phase of The Life Center — this time with all of its intended components in place. The Life Center will provide food (via a café and a health food store), clothing, shelter (affordable living areas), education (human development workshops), and healthcare (treatment rooms) to the local community.”

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