(Un)usual Business – Talk and Workshop in the Netherlands

8 and 9 May 2015

Inez will be in Utrecht delivering a talk and workshop as part of Casco’s (Un)usual Business series.

Evening talk: Transforming the dismal science – towards a new story of economics

One day workshop: Beyond ‘The Usual Suspects’

Please see attached flyer for information in Dutch 150423-flyer-UB-Inez-LR

Evening talk: Transforming the dismal science – towards a new story of economics

Much of what gives value to our lives falls outside current economic discourse. But economics is the most powerful story around these days and its language has permeated much of who we think we are and what we think we are capable of.

What would happen if we transformed economic language so that it was fit to describe the things we really value? Is such a thing even possible?

In this talk we explore the power of words to shape what we believe is (im)possible, how the old economic story has outlived its time, and how choosing our words well may be crucial in birthing a new cultural and economic paradigm.

One day workshop: Beyond ‘The Usual Suspects’

Many of us are working hard to – in the words of Paolo Freire – ‘re-make’ the world. We apply our creative energy towards generating new ideas and projects which we believe will make a difference. Why then does it sometimes feel like nobody is listening? If our project is aimed at improving lives what is stopping people from engaging with it?

Reaching beyond the usual suspects and bringing about lasting behaviour change is the holy grail of social change movements. But rather than aiming for that one holy grail, this workshop proposes a number of approaches to help you reach a wider public.

Drawing on the Human Scale Development framework of Manfred Max-Neef, the art of storytelling and theories of social change you will gain tools and methods to tailor your projects to meet the needs of your target audience, explore creative ways to get people involved and discover who is out there that wants you to succeed.

(In order to attend the workshop you need to have attended the Friday evening talk)


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